Thursday, January 17, 2008

Drinking Milk - Moral or Sin ?

Milk , Veg or Non Veg?

Milking Cow-Moral or Sin ?

Cow Milk – Moral or Sin ?

If cow was my mom, I sort of idiot,
Why I forced my father to pull my cart ?

Since unknown past, God,
My mother’s breast everyone teased, squeezed,

Cruel God, when my mother will die in peace?
As yet she is not eased, clutched , un released ?

Tell me,
If I suck your mom, will you love it ?
If I talk unwise, let amicably solve it ,

Through updated ‘waked wisdom’ ,
And by not acting old ‘herd’ deaf and dumb,

You are free to apply any required reason ,
But tell me, what are your actual virtues and vision?

My mother, why you rape and suck her ?
Isn’t true, my mum mother, cuffed, slaved whore ?

No body spares, Used only for human benefits,
We, suck and swallowed like vegetarian juice, crispy eats,

Kind Human, please leave us alone,
I beg, In God’s name don’t sin and con,

Why you all milk my Godly Mom?
Suck her breast -blood -bone one after one?

For God sake, Please leave us alone.
Don’t harass, humiliate us for selfs’ faith and fun,

We animals live to your mercy dear wise, nice human,
Why we are killed before or after we are born ?

You treat us as boiled, half boiled , scrambled eggs,
How hungry you feel to eat our tandori breast, legs,

We idiot cocks, hens, deer and ducks,
Goats, dogs, cats, rabbits can’t argue talks, (get fucked)

Your beliefs , tongue and taste ,
All become our bad luck,

So kind wise human,
Now, at least get civilized, learn,

Please, Don’t milk My Mom,
Shahid, Chan, Amitabh, Tom.

Brhm , My Universe - How human am I ?

Cunning or Opportunist , How human am I ?
Centuries sucked animals bones-n-blood, Why ?

Why innocent, weak animals should die, not I ?
For their taste-n-stomach, Why shouldn’t I die ?

Who is more hungry , harmful, cruel ? They or I ?
Who is more greedy ? God you stare ? Why ?

‘Universe’ my ‘Brhm’, You God of Gods,
Needless to argue , you existed before all Lords,

Why such partiality between we and human?
Why human aim-blame-claim us for own faith and fun?

Humble emphatical God, Guide my wisdom appropriate please,
My reasoning virtues , wisdoms gone out dated, indeed not at ease,

My updated wisdom debates and fight with my soul, God,
Please help me realize ‘wise truth’, don’t want to live like followers odd, (frauds)

Should I be chewed by animal innocent weak like vegetable,fruits, leaves?
In the name of their celebrations and personal ‘ believes ’ ?

Should not I use this inhuman, cruelly wise, kind trick,
To feed my innocent carnivorous tongue, saliva that leak?

My companions in world, all ‘human’ - animals-beasts,
Should I cut them, caring, curing them least ?

Think, you are not kind human,
But animal in fact, indeed keen,

What pain would feel,
Same if the animal deal?

For taste and greed,
If you become animal’s feed?

Taste-n-Stomach, sake,
Greed-n-hunger, fake,

Superstitions-n-Myths, awake,
Animals-n-Beasts, sacrifice,

I , a double standard, nut ‘herd’ hard,
Claim to mercy , love, help, empathy and guard,

Confident enough cent percent to sue and view,
That my belief reasoning is better than you,

Convinced, my belief system never have holes, crack,
Still I refuse to surrender my ‘spiritual soul’, what it lack?

Pretending to spread , carried forward , Moral-n-Ethics,
I, still pose nice-n-wise, applying outdated wisdom tricks.

Killing all innocent human and animal week,
God, forget wisdom, you and me both are mentally sick.

By Naresh Sonee
(Rough Scribbled Jan 17, 2008 in between 12.10 pm – 12.30 pm)
(Updated version on Aug 30,2008 in between 7.30am-11.00 am)

Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra is an author of a non-mythological, non-religious Hindi book published in 1999. This capsulated (mere 31 pages) versed book is based on author’s own authentic poems, prayers and philosophy on human updated spiritualism or wisdoms which he offers for the welfare of the entire world. Thus these logical sacred verses in this ‘Brhmaand Pujan’ which means ‘Universal Prayers’ are all unique, controversial or say still debatable and actually one of it’s kind.

The ideology of the founder is - All sane religions should merge under ‘One Religion’ – Which should be called ‘Humanism’. This is the aim or say the dream project of this awkward author and founder of Brhmoism . Though his poems are very ethical or logical, but many of his poems are still forbidden as they corrupt or shatters the readers’ may they be rational, atheist or religious mind. His self style verses in ‘Brhmaand Pujan’ has been reviewed positive by media critics too and had has been praised by so many popular news papers of India time & again.

According to Sonee no body can reach peak of ‘Real Spiritualism’ or true ‘Brhm Gyan’ unless one leave self’s religion and follow his reasoning wisdoms. Emphasizing and justifying this claim Sonee offers examples of so many Messiahs, Prophets or Lords like Rama. Krishna, Mohammed , Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, Guru Nanak and many more who actually rebelled to their parents’ or forefather’s religions. All such religious leaders came out with their own ethics of formula discarding their parents or family beliefs.

Naresh Sonee says- To reach or understand the ‘Ultimate God’ of ‘all religions’ one need to dare and 'get out of' personal propagandas and professionalism of own religion and apply reason of wisdom by thinking or however acting for the benefits and welfare of the over all universe in whole. According to Sonee – Yet no religion is complete so since hundred of years had’nt succeeded to influence human of the world in whole, despite of applying various efforts and ideas. Religions roams in self group of herd. Whereas religions are used or established more personal stakes, All are well designed to propagate and promote professionally.

Needless to argue the goal of every Prophet or Messiah whom different sect worship and follow like herd was to sustain the over all peace, happiness, health, care, progress of the entire world without bias and partiality among beasts and human. Such Lords, All of them were ‘Brhm Gyanis ’ and they released their agenda of ethics and acted as per the requirements and conditions of that era and need of their time. Yes they might had missed to analyze the condition and requirements of today’s wisdom. Never they must had realized in their dream that human will reach such an extreme ends of terrifying by competing and comparing each other among their religion in their names.

Meanwhile, according to Sonee any sort of - ‘Brhm Gyan’ or Universal Wisdom’ must be offered absolutely ‘Free’ . without becoming a professional Guru or Priest to promote private religions, own fortune and fame. He further adds - Sacred Scriptures and Literatures of any religion can only expose a particular personal culture, caste, language, style of livings , deeds , commandments of Prophets or Messiahs. But followers are using such religious means to certify themselves how religious they are? Indeed all followers are competing each other by offering all pampering prayers to their Lords for selfish gains and show off or register how religious we are?
However ‘Brhm Gyan’ or ‘Universal Wisdom’ is something else. ‘Brhm Gyani’ or ‘Brhmology’ has no religion race -competitions, barriers , shrines , dress codes and never barter with his God by luring Him to swap health, happiness , fame and fortune in returns of offering praising prayers , discourses , fasts. Author Ved Vyas of Mahabharta, Tulsidas , Valmakhi of Ramayana, Kabir, Jesus, Buddha, Mahavir, Mohammed, Guru Nanak may be realized as lively examples. They never lusted for fame and fortune. Neither they lured their Gods. So followers or disciples of such great men should understand that- No amount of such offerings or donations could get pardoned by God if one is a un reasonably wisdom less sinner in Brhm’s (Universe) eyes.
However, interested knowledge hungry seekers could also visit a ‘free’ book available on so that the knowledge hungry readers can judge themselves -what the updated real ‘Universal -Spiritualism or Wisdom ’ –Right or Wrong , Sonee offers to the sensible ethical world?

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